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About the CRF

  • Rugby has been played by the British Army and UN units since the 1950s
  • They played in an exclusive local league of 6 sides up until 2003.
  • Paphos Tigers joined this league as the first civilian side in 2003 and came joint second in the league.
  • In 2004 Limassol Crusaders and Nicosia Barbarians joined the league.
  • The Paphos Tigers won this league in 2005 and Nicosia Barbarians came second.

Our Aims

  • To promote rugby at every opportunity.
  • To put Cyprus on the rugby world map.
  • To bring visiting national and club rugby sides to Cyprus.
  • To organise international rugby events in Cyprus.
  • To promote rugby within local schools.
  • To get the game going!


CRF Presentation of Acheivements


The Cyprus Rugby Federation has adopted as its motto the famous Spartan phrase:

Ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς.

Ee tan ee epi tas.

Who really were the Spartans, and what were they made of. The Spartans were the Dorian inhabitants of a Greek city state in the Peleponnese that for many centuries was one of the greatest of Greek powers.

For much of its five hundred year history Sparta was at war. The Spartans were a fighting machine strong enough, skilful enough and sufficiently iron willed to repel their enemies. Thus, in this militaristic society, it was a woman's duty to bear and rear healthy children, in particular strong and brave sons to serve in the Spartan army. In ancient Sparta, mothers encouraged bravery in their sons and did not tolerate cowardice in battle, nor did the mourn the loss of their sons in battle. They took pride in the fact that their sons died in the defence of their country.

Every Spartan mother's wartime farewell to her son was

Ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς. Ee tan ee epi tas. ''Son, either with this or on this'' referring to their shield. To come home without the shield was the mark of a deserter as the heavy shield made flight impossible, the shield being dropped in running away. The dead soldiers were carried back on their shields, and would be given a heroes funeral by the state. With their shield they were victorious.

Every player wearing the Cyprus National Rugby jersey is committed to their country and will fight for victory. They are proud to carry this motto on their jerseys.

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