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Paphos Tigers

paphos tigers The Paphos Tigers were established in 2003 and were the First Independent Rugby Club on the island.

Situated in Paphos-Cyprus, the Club was founded by a group of South Africans of whom are all ex club players from different regions of South Africa.

The Club currently consists of 30 players but we are always on the look-out for new and upcoming players, or former players who can assist with coaching, and last but not least, sponsors.

Our aim is to expand the game of rugby and to bring the game to people who have played, or have been involved with rugby in one way or another. These people can help us reach out to other people who have never played, and offer them an opportunity to learn and find out what rugby is truly about. Not only on the pitch, but also off it.

At present the Paphos Tigers home games are played at the Happy Valley ground in Episkopi as we are awaiting the new ground to be completed. Training sessions are played at the football grounds on the right hand sided passed Aphrodites Water Park. You will find the squad practicing hard from 6.30pm - 8.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Even though we are an amateur club, we take rugby very seriously and hope to grow and participate in many events and tournaments.

The base of our current players are from people abroad, mainly from South Africa and Britain. Previously the only rugby played on the island was played at the British Bases whom we have and continue to organize games with.

Throughout the year, especially on the European off season, we will attempt to organize friendlies with clubs that are in their pre-season training.

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Post game photo of the cup winning teamPost game photo of the cup winning team

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