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CRF 10’s Tournament 2014

  CRF 10's DHEKELIA MAY 31st 2014
  POOL "A"   Episkopi; Dhekelia; Nicosia
  POOL "B"   Akrotiri; Limassol; Agios Nikolas
Pool A 11:00 Dhekelia vs. Episkopi
Pool B 11:30 Akrotiri vs. Agios Nikolas
Pool A 12:00 Episkopi vs. Nicosia
Pool B 12:30 Akrotiri vs. Limassol
Pool A 13:00 Dhekelia vs. Nicosia
Pool B 13:30 Limassol vs. Agios Nikolas
Semi-Final 1 14:30 Winner "A" vs. Runner up "B"
Semi-Final 2 15:00 Winner "B" vs. Runner up "A"
BOWL FINAL 15:30 3rd "A" vs. 3rd "B"
PLATE FINAL 16:00 Loser "Semi 1" vs. Loser "Semi 2"
CUP FINAL 16:30 Winner "Semi 1" vs. Winner "Semi 2"
  17:15 LEAGUE & CUP Presentations



Tournament Rules/Laws.

1. There will two groups, Pool “A” and Pool “B” All teams in each pool will play each other. 

2. 2 points will be awarded to the winning team. Should a game end in a draw then each side will be awarded 1 point.

1 additional point will be awarded to a side scoring 4 tries and 2 additional points awarded to a side scoring 8 tries.

3. The team with the most points will win the pool and play the runner up in the other pool in the semi-finals.

Should teams have the same points score then the order shall be decided by total tries scored,if this should be equal then points scored difference will be used.

4. The teams with least points in each pool will play each other. The winner will be awarded the BOWL.

5. The losers of each semi-final will play each other. The winner will receive the PLATE.

6. The winners of each semi-final will play each other.The winner will receive the CUP.

7. Should either the BOWL,PLATE or CUP games end in a draw then the teams will have a one minute break,change ends and play to sudden death ! (first team to score wins).  

8. All games including finals will be played with two 10 minute halves with not more than 2 minute break at half-time.

9. Squads can have a maximum of 18 players. A team can have 5 substitutes for each game.

10. The tournament will played under the Laws of the Game of the Rugby Football Union with variations for 10 a side competitions.

A copy will be held by the officials or can be found on the RFU website.

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